TV Repair


To date, the professional portfolio of our company has over 5,000 repaired TVs of various modifications. Practice shows that our technicians do not have an unsolvable problem – each broken unit will be accurately diagnosed and repaired in the shortest possible time with a minimum cost for the customer. TV Repair is carried out at the home of the customer, while the price of the repair does not change. In most cases, our team succeeds in solving problems directly at your house, thus avoiding unnecessary costs of transporting the set.

Sometimes, it is impossible to find the cause of the failure without special diagnostic equipment, so the technician going on the call, has all of the necessary tools with him. When software fails, our service personnel find the necessary software on the manufacturer’s website and update the base platform.

Careful study of the many smart TVs that are available in our market, allow our technicians to have the necessary knowledge to repair televisions of any complexity. In case of a failure of the television technology, you will be offered the following measures:

  • Repair of the power supply;
  • Installation of new electronic circuit boards and chips;
  • Testing of the antenna and electric cables;
  • Replacement of the antenna jacks, USB and HDMI inputs;
  • Panel replacement (in most cases not cost effective)

Have a problem with your TV?

Contact our friendly customer service center at 718-554-0557

Some of the common problems Televisions may have:

  • Multi colored lines from top to bottom of picture
  • Spider lines extending from a localized point on the screen
  • TV  is completely dead with no lights at all
  • Won’t power up and LED light is blinking
  • TV set is making a funny noise or producing burning smell
  • A particular input is not working
  • Won’t tune in digital channels
  • TV set has sound but no picture